Swedish Chef (Not the Muppet) Tweets From Sweden's Twitter

Björn Frantzén of Frantzén/Lindeberg has taken over the @sweden Twitter account for the week

Sweden has the most democratic social media project ever: they're letting average citizens of Sweden take over the @sweden Twitter account.

This week? It's Björn Frantzén, executive chef of Frantzén/Lindeberg, a two-Michelin-starred Stockholm restaurant. And naturally, since Frantzén is literally a Swedish chef, people have been tweeting a ton of "Bork bork" jokes his way, LA Weekly reports.

"More then impressed about how many 'Swedish chef' jokes one can get in a day! Well done guys!" he tweeted. But then, it got out of hand, and now he's just sort of over it. "As far as I know, no one in Sweden really cares about the Swedish chef from The Muppets... Okay?" he tweeted later.

And naturally, articles like this one pointing out the mild irony of a Swedish chef tweeting for Sweden have been sent his way a thousand times. "Thank you guys! But I HAVE already seen the article about 'the Swedish chef' online. I really enjoyed it the first 3762 times...;)" Frantzén wrote. So instead of all that Chaos Muppet talk, he's devoting a lot of his time to talking about his staff hiring practices and cooking up reindeer penis.