Not Just Lunchmeat: In Comes Chicken Salad Chick

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The chicken salad-focused franchise is opening a new location in Charleston this fall
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Talk about a niche market, and talk about an interesting one at that. Eater has reported that, as part of a big expansion plan for the Alabama-based chain, a new outpost of Chicken Salad Chick will open somewhere in Charleston this fall.

If you’re not familiar with Chicken Salad Chick, it’s another entry in the canon of relatively new restaurants revolving around variations on one specific dish. In this case it’s chicken salad, and the chain offers fifteen different varieties of it, along with a smattering of non-chicken salad options like sides and other deli meats.

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The theme may revolve around “chicks,” with many feminine-sounding offerings like the “Fancy Nancy” found on the menu, but fear not if you’re neither a chicken salad lover nor a chick. This well-rounded franchise has something for most, like those who would prefer a pimento cheese sandwich. It should make an interesting addition to Charleston’s food scene, as soon as it finds a permanent location.