Norboo Korean Restaurant

Row 1

1536 Robson St (Nicola)
Vancouver, BC V6G 1C2
(604) 806-0369

Foursquare Tips

  • Good food, terrible service.
  • Yummy kimchi jjigae! I think I spied kimchi mandoo here tooo! If thats so then I'm becoming mayor!!!
  • I loved everything in the picture and they are very affordable.
  • With so many other options around, nothing really stands out here. Standard home feel Korean food!
  • This is really good. Not sure what it's called, haha! I think Tong Kal Bi (). Juicy and tasty!!! Not too sweet. Try their Galbi Tang soup ().
  • Worst Korean food ever. Beef hotpot is actually beef udon, only few pieces of beef and watery soup base. Dumpling with close to no stuffing. Chicken wing is hard on the breading. Seafood pancake....
  • Impress your friends by pointing out the Korean script wallpaper talks about Korean linguistics. Well I guess if your friends weren't Korean or Chinese, that is.
  • Get the spicy chicken appetizer - well worth it :)
  • Korean marinated beef sizzling bowl is yum!
  • Awesome beef rib soup and pickled veggies. It's consistently make the top of the list for take outs for the office!
  • Cold noodles are a must try! I love the spicy version :)
  • Hot tofu soup and LA Gahlbee beef short ribs is a must try! Good price :)

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