NOMA Features International Fare in “Art You Can Eat” Summer Cooking Class Series

Staff Writer
Historic World’s Fairs pieces will be represented in food prepared by New Orleans chefs.

New Orleans chefs prepare dishes inspired by different World's Fairs pieces exhibited at NOMA.

Most art cannot be touched. But this summer, chefs transform art showcased at the New Orleans Museum of Art’s World’s Fair exhibit into edible plates in a cooking class series hosted by Café NOMA and the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group.

Every Friday at the museum, a chef will prepare a meal inspired by a different piece in the exhibition. Participants in the classes will get to experiment with and taste flavors from all over the world, all locations that hosted a World’s Fair. 

Pieces in the exhibit include ceramics, metals, glasses, and furniture pieces from the height of world’s fairs, from as early as 1853.

“This year’s Art You Can Eat at Ralph Brennan’s Café NOMA celebrates both the culinary arts and pays tribute to NOMA’s World’s Fair exhibit,” said Charlee Williamson, vice president of the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group. “It was at these global fairs that we could find the introduction of so many of the dishes we consume today.”

The first cooking class on June 7, led by chef Austin Kirzner of Red Fish Grill, will focus on Chilean Seafood after the 1875 World’s Fair in Santiago, Chile. On June 14, chef Chip Flanagan of Ralph’s on the Park will tribute the 1853 World’s Fair in Dublin with Irish family cooking traditions. Other participating chefs come from Café NOMA, Heritage Grill, café b, and Ralph Brennan Catering and Events.

“Food, hospitality, and the dining experience as a whole transcends borders, and we are honored to present such a global experience this year through our summer cooking series at Café NOMA,” Williamson said.

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To see what cities the other seven classes will feature, see the full list on NOMA’s website. Classes are free at a first come, first serve basis, and begin at 6 p.m.