A First Taste of Eataly's Birreria


Walking up the steps to Eataly's brand-spakin'-new (and yes, long-awaited) rooftop beer garden, Birreria, is a little like that iconic scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The initial peek into this seemingly elusive world inspiring that kind of pinch-yourself-twice, is-this-really-real moment of amused wonderment and awe. 

Except here, in place of a chocolate waterfall, is a compact one-room windowed brewery, its shiny new stills glistening and churning from their 14-stories-up perch. Instead of an edible candy playground there is one of a different variety — a sleek open-air patio in the shadow of the Flatiron and Empire State buildings where craft beer geeks will soon set up camp in contented boozy bliss. You half expect the red T-shirt-clad crew to break out into an Oompa-Loompa-like song (in Italian, of course) with beer glasses swinging in hand. Kidding.

All jokes aside, the "world of pure imagination" theme does hold true. This is, after all, Italian craft beer we're talking about here. Free of the restrictions placed on the country's better known alcoholic beverage — wine — the young upstart world of craft beer has emerged as a platform for creative expression and experimentation. You can find a beer made with the resin of an Ethiopian tree rather than hops, another crafted using tobacco (not legal in the U.S., sorry).



on the 14th floor of the is a little like that iconic scene in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Except in the place of a chocolate waterfall is a compact one-room brewery, shiny-new stills glistening, and beyond that 

As is the case w. orig eataly it seems as though this too will have been worth the wait