Nobu Hotels' City of Dreams Manila Casino Set to Open This Year


Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is a master at his craft and has earned enough popularity to have turned his name into a well-respected brand that offers far more than just restaurants. Nobu Hotels have garnered a lot of international attention and acclaim, but there hasn't been one developed in Asia. Yet that's about to change. City of Dreams Manila casino, a project by Melco Crown and SM Investments Corporation, is expected to open this year and has announced that it will be a Nobu Hotel and incorporate the brand’s “fun-luxury" into the property.

In addition to Riyadh, London and Bahrain, City of Dreams Manila marks the fourth Nobu Hotel currently in development, and the first for the brand in Asia. There is currently only one Nobu in operation and located at Caesars Palace Las Vegas.

Nevertheless, Matsuhisa's freshman hotelier effort has shown a spectacular display of customer service and exceptional praise from critics and guests alike since opening in January 2013. This top-tier level of service and accommodations shouldn't only be expected to be matched by his new venture, but it's reasonable to anticipate improvements on nearly every feature of this upcoming hotel in the Philippines capital.


With 321 guestrooms, the property is about twice as large as the celebrated Las Vegas hotel. "We really need it to work for the people of Manila and to also be an attraction that is good enough to get the Chinese market to come here and have fun," said Melco Crown director James Packer. Still, while the hotel's primary focus is on pulling Chinese travelers and money into The City of Dreams, the brand's reputation alone will help bring international travelers from around the world. Similarly, it surely doesn't hurt that it's going to have a fusion cuisine restaurant from the Michelin-starred Chef Nobu.

As if everything already mentioned wasn't enough to get people interested, there are also some very cool additions to the casino like a nightclub which will be the largest in the entire city. The gambling complex will also feature a theme park reminiscent of the popular attractions found in Southern California.

By combining the excellent levels of luxury associated with the Nobu name and some seriously entertaining options for visitors, The City of Dreams is likely to become a local hotspot. Likewise, with so much to offer, travelers from around the world may also be making trips to the Philippines to spend time at this development.