Nobu Chefs Team Up and More News

In today's Media Mix, ninja-like shawarma skills, plus small towns found to serve less fruits and vegetables

A massive Nobu reunion of sorts is happening in Vegas.

Check out these headlines you may have missed.

Grant Achatz's Gramophone: Apparently, the hottest gadget in Achatz's kitchen is the gramophone, and not his knives. [The Braiser]

Shawarma Goes Benihana: This one man makes shawarma like a pro, and it's gone viral. [CBS News]

Small Town Woes: According to new research, smaller towns are less prone to serve fruits and vegetables at schools, as they have fewer resources and lower product volume. [Food Nutrition Science]


Massive Nobu Dinner: Reportedly, chefs representing almost every Nobu ever (Nobu Malibu, Nobu San Diego, Nobu Los Angeles, Nobu Dallas, Nobu Miami, Nobu New York, Nobu Next Door, Nobu Fifty Seven, Nobu Lanai, Nobu Waikiki, Nobu Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Nobu Hard Rock Las Vegas, Matsuhisa Vail and Matsuhisa Aspen) will team up for a Nobu United dinner in Las Vegas. [Jetset Times]