Proposed Food Ban for New York's Subway System


Eat your breakfast at home. Or else. In an effort to lower the pesky rodent population living in New York subways, four state senators have proposed to ban all food from the subway, stations, and platforms. The bill would carry a hefty fine of up to $250 for those caught noshing underground.

NPR reports mixed opinions on the ban. Schoolteacher Monique Abrams is uncertain about changing her routine, while student Jakaira Caycho, 15, worries kids don't have time to eat at home.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan Transportation Authority chief Joseph Lhota (once dubbed the "rat czar") opposed the idea, saying it would hurt minority commuters (notably children) who eat in the morning. 

If the ban is approved, New Yorkers can look to Washington, D.C. or San Francisco riders for tips on how to handle subways sans food. But hey, at least we won't have any spaghetti-sparked subway fights.

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