Goal Set For No More Hungry Cats or Dogs in Portland

A new pet food bank is opening and looking for donations

Dana Lionel, the founder and director of The Oregon Cat Project, is taking on a new project, a free food bank for cats and dogs. Her motto: no more hungry cats or dogs.

As reported by the Portland Tribune, the new food bank will be opening on August 11 in Lake Oswego. The only other free pet food bank in the Portland area is located in Sherwood and will soon be closing its doors.

Lionel believes that having free pet food banks will help reduce the cat and dog population in animal shelters. She says the idea of The Oregon Cat Project food bank is to help keep pets in their homes. It will also provide meals for pets of the homeless and promote the feeding and care of Portland’s community cats and feral cat colonies.

To help start the new food bank, donations and volunteers are needed. Wet and dry cat and dog food are now being accepted. Tax-deductible donations can be made online as well as in person at the food bank. Both check and cash donations are accepted though cash is preferred. 


The food bank will be open the second Sunday of each month. As word spreads, it will be open additional days if demand grows.