Theme Park
1 Six Flags Blvd (at Six Flags Great Adventure)
Jackson, NJ 08527
(732) 928-2000


  • So much fun get on in the front car
  • The best coaster at Great Adventure. You can tell the difference between the newbies and the veterans 10 ft down the first hill. The newbies are pooping their pants and the veterans are having the tim
  • The best rolling coaster to go at night!! NUMBER 1 ride in the whole park! Awesome drops! Bizarro or El Turro is the next one on the list!
  • Watch out for flying flip flops/sunglasses.
  • Sit in the front!
  • Ride it at night, you won't be sorry.
  • My house is right infront of nitro.. I'm in bed n I'm hearing screams.... got used to it though
  • If you're here after dark, RIDE NITRO! It's so different and totally worth the wait!!!
  • The ride is absolutely great, especially at the back row - especially when your hands are in the air!
  • Best ride. So smooth with great drops! Only having a lap bar makes it all the more exciting!
  • Best ride in great adventure. Forget the hype for newer rides. This one is a must.
  • Do it, multiple times, it was worth it. Trust me. Do it from the back seat.
  • don't do it.
  • Ride the back... so much better then the front
  • Kickass Koaster!!!
  • My favorite here, choose the last row.
  • Front seat baby..
  • Don't miss this one. Amazing coaster ride.
  • Super nice !
  • All the coasters here at Six Flags have very long lines. the shortest today had about a 1 hour wait.

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