Japan’s Newest Candy Tastes Like Pork Ramen Soup

Ramen-flavored candy is a thing that exists now

Japan's newest candy flavor is not at all sweet and is made to taste like pork bone ramen soup, and it's already sellig out.

Ramen is delicious, and candy is delicious, and now one Japanese company has decided to see if maybe those two things could combine their powers to create the most delicious food of all, or at least an interesting novelty food.

According to Rocket News 24, the Nissen shopping service and Pine Co. candy companies decided to collaborate on a new candy flavor, and they opened the floor to suggestions from customers. 6,000 people suggested different flavors, and in the end the judges thought that the “tonkotsu,” or pork bone soup was the most interesting flavor, so they made that into their newest hard candy.

The new “ramen soup” candies are reportedly savory and not at all sweet. They also look like a perfectly ordinary hard candy, which does make them ideal for pranking unsuspecting people who might reasonably be expecting a mouth full of pineapple or caramel or some other, more traditional flavor of candy.

Packages of the pork broth flavored hard candies are available on the Nissen website for 345 yen, or about $2.81, but there’s already a waiting list.