Nine Awesome Food Organizations in Georgia

Nine Awesome Food Organizations in Georgia

Launched by Food Tank and the James Beard Foundation, the first annual Good Food Org Guide identifies and celebrates more than five hundred U.S.-based groups including nine from Georgia who are cultivating a better food system.

The Atlanta Community Food Bank

The Atlanta Community Food Bank provides food to relief organizations and engages with the community through fundraisers, community gardens, educational workshops, and by helping people find jobs.

Georgia Coalition for Physical Activity and Nutrition

The Georgia Coalition for Physical Activity and Nutrition (GPAN) actively combats obesity and the chronic diseases associated with obesity through the efforts of its network of professionals and students who specialize in healthcare, nutrition, recreation, education, and business. GPAN’s advocacy efforts aim to cultivate public recognition by schools, the private sector, policymakers, and the larger community to support and implement programs and policies that foster active, healthy lifestyles.

The Georgia Food Oasis

The Georgia Food Oasis program is a collaboration among several community organizations and businesses to help consumers eat more healthy foods. Their “Eat-Cook-Grow” strategy involves using the volunteer expertise of doctors, chefs, and farmers to teach about healthy foods and how to grow and cook them.

Georgia Organics

Georgia Organics, based out of Atlanta, GA uses farmer mentorship programs, instructional videos, and outreach events to connect Georgia farmers to Georgia consumers and to contribute to a more sustainable and healthy food system.

The Georgia Sustainable Agriculture Consortium

The Georgia Sustainable Agriculture Consortium at the University of Georgia aims to promote the development of locally oriented agroecological food systems by serving as a professional network and conducting scientific research.

The Georgia Young Farmers Association

The Georgia Young Farmers Association works to educate and unite youth interested in pursuing agriculture. The association links youth with experienced agricultural educators and provides hand-ons training, classroom education, leadership, and networking opportunities to members.

The Savannah Food Co-Op

The Savannah Food Co-Op was formed in 2007 by mothers concerned about access to healthy food in Savannah, GA. Members gain access to healthy locally produced food at reduced prices and become part of a community interested in advancing sustainable food and healthy lifestyles.

Truly Living Well

Truly Living Well (TLW), based in Atlanta, GA connects people to their food and the land through local food production and creates stronger communities through education, economic development, and protecting the environment. TLW serves as a model for local, sustainable food systems in urban environments.

Well FED Savannah

Well FED Savannah is Savannah’s “largest and most comprehensive food, dining, and healthy living magazine.” The magazine, which is free to the public, reports on a range of topics including gardening and how to make smart food choices. Well FED also publishes guides on local eateries and bars.

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