Nik Stone's Mix of Hardware and Fashion Totally Nails It


We kind of like it when our jewelry is a little edgy, fun and has that rebellious vibe we used to rock as angst-y teens. No, we won’t throw on a pair of Chucks and dye our hair pink (not again anyway), but a little something to give an edge to our girly frocks and lady-like pieces is always in style. It’s probably why we love Nik Stone’s hardware jewelry—it’s like the Home Depot and Topshop in one. Wrenches, nails and hammers made of sterling silver and Nik Stone’s signature black diamonds are fashioned into bracelets, necklaces and rings. It’s totally unconventional and fashionable at the same time. Our favorite piece is the Nailed It 3x Bracelet, which looks like a cuff of thin bangles running around your wrist. Made of sterling silver, 0.06ct black diamonds and five “nails”, this jewelry is totally awesome and we haven’t seen anything like it before. And if you aren’t partial to nails (or have a fear of poking yourself), there’s some awesome wrench bangles and bolt earrings to add to your collection.