Nicki Minaj Gets Spicy Fried Chicken Backstage

Check out the extensive list of foods required on her rider

Celebrities do have some odd rider requests, and a lot of them involve food. Nicki Minaj's list, however, is pretty extensive, covering breakfast and lunch for her and her crew.

Among her requests? Twelve bottles of Martinelli's apple juice, scrambled egg whites, turkey bacon, white toast, and Belgian waffles (breakfast for four).

For lunch, there's a deli tray with turkey breast, grilled chicken breast, whole-wheat bread or rolls, yellow mustard, and other condiments for six.

Given her attachment to fried chicken, Minaj also requires three 12-piece buckets of spicy fried chicken (sans thighs, with lots of wings).

The Daily Mail has her complete list of demands, but to be fair, extensive rider requests such as removing all brown M&M's from a bowl are usually quick ways to check that the rider, and thus all technical demands, have been met. 

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