Nice venue



Came here for restaurant week lunch.  
I loved the crispy bagel like baguette bread stacked on what looked like a paper towel holder.  It's almost like a pretzel.  They also kept them coming if you wanted to bring food. 
I opted out of the RW menu since it didn't seem like such a good value.  I'm not a big fan of salad or dessert.  My hot lunch date did order the RW special which consisted of a double bacon salad, french dip sandwich and molten lava choc cake with ice cream. 
They do make a fine burger, but I can't say I'm a fan of the steak fries.  The fries were really dark and orange like they were sweet potatoes, but alas, they were just fries that didn't seem to be fried properly.  They were probably the most massive steak fries I've ever seen (not a good thing).  The fries seemed to be too big and not cooked long enough because they weren't crispy at all.   This is not a case where bigger is better.  They're the size of a big fat highlighter.  If I had an option between the normal fries and these monstrosities, I would opt for the smaller fries.  This was the first time I didn't eat my fries.  I was pretty disappointed.  I don't think they could have gotten the same effect if they dropped a whole potato in oil. 
My date's bacon salad was pretty awesome, I enjoyed the blue cheese and greens (endive?) on top of the 2 bacon strips.  The french dip sandwich was also good, and she had some normal french fries which were way better than mine.  
Molten lava choc cake was alright, nothing special. 
Overall, the food was okay, service was a bit slow, but they were nice. 
381 Park Ave S (at E 27th St.)
New York, NY 10016
$ $ $ $