Next in Pastry Hybrids: Au Bon Pain’s CroisBun

Au Bon Pain releases croissant/bun hybrid to its stores nationwide

Bite into the flaky, buttery layers of the CroisBun, and pick your poison: the strawberry or sweet cheese filling.

Have you heard of the cronut? Well now there's a new croissant-hybrid bakery item in town,and its name is the croisbun: a croissant/bun hybrid that will be hitting Au Bon Pain outlets nationwide starting next week. The flaky, buttery treat apparently breaks into three shareable pieces—not that you’d want to share—because each of the CroisBuns are either filled with sweet cheese or strawberry and sweet cheese.

“The CroisBun is a distinctive new offering in our bakery, which celebrates our proud heritage of creating freshly baked, quality croissants.” said Maria Feicht, Au Bon Pain’s chief brand officer.

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Get ‘em while they’re hot: the CroisBun is only going to be a part of the menu as a spring item from March until May, and Au Bon Pain fans can get two CroisBuns for $4 as part of a promotional deal. The spring menu also features the sesame ginger chicken salad, chicken wasabi wrap, carrot ginger soup and black currant iced tea.