Next Gen Growler Tech: SYNEK Draft System


Oregonians love their draft beer, so much so that growler fill stations are popping up on every street corner. And yet, growler fill technology that guarantees freshness is so out of date. The SYNEK Draft System is one of the first legitimate level 2 advancements in pouring quality draft beer at home without investing in a kegorator.

You may have seen similar countertop setups--like the one from Heineken available in grocery and big box stores now--that pour from special mini-tin kegs. The problem with that setup is those kegs are not easy to purchase, there is no variety, and the beer is not pressurized. Even for someone with a kegorator like myself, I love the ease of use, relatively small sample size, and potential variety that the new Synek Draft System option provides. I could see having one of these on a counter top.
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