William Shatner, Adam Carolla on Brown Bag Wine Tasting

Adam Carolla is the latest guest on William Shatner’s ‘Brown Bag Wine Tasting’

Adam Carolla joins host William Shatner for some mystery wine tasting and Mangria

In the latest installment of Brown Bag Wine Tasting, comedian Adam Carolla joins host William Shatner for some experimental wine tasting.

The first bottle, as always, is a mystery which Shatner asks Corolla to describe in “comedic terms,” which prompts him to offer how he would “liken [the wine] to a prostitute. Adam describes the wine having “a nice body but had broken her nose once,” and flaws that are “just part of who she is.”

It turns out to be a sustainably farmed Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon with a nose of blackberry, cassis, vanilla, and toast and elegant tannins.

Carolla discusses his standup routine (which is 90 minutes long), which is mostly free form and Carolla works to keep as fresh as possible each time.

Then, the former Man Show brings out his own Mangria, which has been referred to as “college in a bottle.” Carolla tells Shatner, “do not compare it to a wine, compare it to a carnival."

Note: Content contains adult language.

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