Which Doritos Commercial Do You Want to See Crash the Super Bowl?

This is the ninth year of Doritos’ fan-made commercials airing at the Super Bowl, and it’s down to the last 10 finalists
Which Doritos Commercial Do You Want to See Crash the Super Bowl?

We got a good chuckle out of several of these. Which is your favorite?

In a little less than one month, it will be everyone’s favorite part of mid-winter misery: the Super Bowl! (Oh, who are we kidding; we’d much rather watch the Puppy Bowl). As per Super Bowl tradition, there will be plenty of eye-popping, funny, and lame commercials out there. We just told you about the Skittles Super Bowl commercial, and the fact that the Budweiser Clydesdale horses are retired this year. But let’s not forget about Doritos. For the ninth year in a row, Frito-Lay will be featuring a fan-made Doritos commercial for the Crash the Super Bowl contest. The winner will get a job at Universal Pictures as well as $1,000,000. Talk about a sweet deal.

Although you’re probably pretty jealous over the winner of this contest that you likely did not enter, you still have the power to vote for which ad makes it to the Super Bowl. Doritos has narrowed it down to 10 finalists, from an ad where people claim their Doritos by sneezing into them, to a guy who tries his best to get a cute girl to sit next to him on a plane (with a surprise ending, of course). There’s also a carful of conniving kids who will do anything to get their dad’s Doritos, and a baby whose first word is “Dorito” instead of “Daddy.”

Vote for your favorite and don’t forget to pick up some Doritos Loaded (cheese-stuffed Doritos) for the big game, or get creative and make your own Super Bowl snacks.

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