Watch: Man Visits McDonald’s in a Hospital Stretcher

A man in Virginia went through the McDonald's drive-thru in a motorized stretcher

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Watch: Man Goes to McDonald’s in a Hospital Stretcher

One seriously dedicated fast food fan wouldn’t even let his medical maladies stop him from getting his fix of McDonald’s.

In this video recorded by YouTuber Ginger Snail, a man in a stretcher propels himself into the McDonald’s parking lot in Hampton, Va. and then the drive-thru to place an order that must have been very, very urgent.

According to The Mirror, the man travelled by motorized hospital stretcher “along a busy main road” and then “across a junction to get to his nearest Golden Arches.”

Is it possible that this man is pulling an elaborate prank in an attempt to get Internet-famous? Maybe, but I want to believe.

In other McDonald’s news this week, McDonald’s New Zealand opened a new “location” inside a decommissioned airplane. The plane seats just 20 people and all the cooking is still done at the McDonald’s restaurant next door, but much of the vintage airplane remains intact, giving customers a much more interesting experience of scenery than your average small-town McDonald’s.

That is, after all, why you should stick to the drive-thru.

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