Umami Burger Revamps Money's No Object White Truffle Burger

The West Coast burger chain brings back its epic foie gras white truffle burger

The burger chain brings back its decadent 'Money's No Object' burger.

Truffle season is the season of decadence (remember that truffle that sold for $95,000?), so naturally high-end burger joint Umami Burger has also launched a truffle menu.

First up, the "legendary" M.N.O. Burger (Money's No Object) returns, this time with Bryan Flannery Wagyu Beef, a vintage port reduction, fresh shaved white truffles, and lightly seared foie gras (where legal, the press release notes). The foie gras version is $75; sans foie gras, the burger goes for $65. Bonus points: Diners shelling out the big bucks for this also get a shirt, starting Dec. 5.

The truffle menu launches a little earlier, offered from Nov. 4 to Dec. 31, with Irish truffle fries, a truffled shiitake royal burger, and a truffle special burger with truffle thyme butter, truffle salt, truffle aioli, and a fried egg. For dessert: truffle salted ice cream, with chocolate ice cream, a truffle glaze, and truffle salt.


Of course, since the truffle season menu doesn't have actual shaved white truffles, menu items range from $5 to $15. So high-rollers better stick around for the M.N.O. Burger to show off their cash.