Starbucks drink

You’ll Never Believe What These People in Strasbourg, France, Waited Hours on Line For

Starbucks? Really?
Starbucks drink

The city’s first-ever Starbucks opened on April 8.

Waiting on line for hours, especially for a viral food trend (cronuts, rainbow bagels, Black Tap milkshakes, and the like), is not uncommon, but people in Strasbourg, France, waited on line for something much more accessible on our side of the pond: Starbucks.

The city opened its first-ever Starbucks on April 8 and gave away free mugs to its first 300 customers, reports The Huffington Post. Hundreds waited on line — some as long as three hours — to be served.

The popular response to the Starbucks opening could be surprising to some, given the café culture and famous cafes in France, but a New York Times article says coffee in France leaves much to be desired. Starbucks boasts a mere 110 locations in France, according to The Street.


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