You Can Now Get (Sometimes) Free Craft Beer on Delta Flights

Craft beer is everywhere in America these days. Most notably, it’s now available on Delta’s domestic in-flight menu

Craft beers: helping to make flights more endurable for travelers everywhere.

Craft beer is king these days, from becoming the drink of choice at many baseball and football stadiums around the country, to actually overtaking Budweiser in sales this year. And now you’ll be able to get local craft beers on many Delta flights. Depending on your destination, you’ll get different choices:  Lagunitas and Stone beers on the West Coast, Bluepoint on the East Coast, and Brooklyn Brewery and Ballast Point for transcontinental flights, each costing $7. The best news is that craft beer on East Coast shuttle flights is actually complimentary. Yes, that’s right — you still have to pay to bring luggage aboard Delta flights, but you can get beer for free.

"We started our craft beer program earlier this year with SweetWater Brewery based in Atlanta," told The Huffington Post. "The customer response was great so we expanded SweetWater in July to six other markets. The additional seven craft brews announced all started flying last week."

The full list of beers available on domestic flights can be seen here.


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