Would You Eat The World's Most Expensive Kebab? It'll Cost You $1,300

Usually we think of kebab as an affordable, ubiquitous street food. But one chef in London has officially turned this poor man's feast into a pricey delicacy.

Chef Onder Sahan of The Hazev Restaurant in Canary Wharf has created a luxurious kebab dish that costs £925 ($1,310 USD) each.

This superfluity on a stick is made with a number of rare and gourmet ingredients, including Japanese Wagyu beef, morel mushrooms, a 25-year-old Italian vinegar (which alone costs £185 or $262 USD for just three ounces), French Chaumes cheese with courgette flowers, Turkish basil, Jerusalem artichokes, and La Vallee des Baux olive oil, according to Haute Living.

"We try to change the kebab image, and then we show people if you have good taste and then you can make it whatever way you like it," Sahan said.

Chef Sahan apparently knows what he's talking about: He was awarded highest honors at the annual British Kebab Awards competition earlier this month.

Sahan has also said that he is so confident in his creation that he will dole out £925 to any chef who thinks he can make a more luxurious kebab experience.