The World Now Has Prepackaged Chocolate Slices That Look Like Kraft Singles

This genius Japanese company has invented meltable chocolate slices that look like pre-packaged cheese

We suddenly have the urge to make a grilled chocolate sandwich….

Prepackaged slices of processed yellow cheese have been so ingrained (and in-grilled) in our American culture that we never stopped to think: Can we put other foods into this portable and easy-to-melt form? The answer, according to Japanese candy company Bourbon, is yes, and this time it’s not cheese, but chocolate.

Bourbon is now selling square slices of pliable chocolate wrapped in a thin plastic film.Unfortunately, the cocoa Kraft variants are being sold strictly in bulk online and in Japanese supermarkets, but we can only imagine the confectionary possibilities. Grilled chocolate and cream cheese sandwiches? Check. Super smooth and easy-to-bake chocolate layer dip? Check again.

Bourbon uses a chocolate brand known as Royce Nama chocolate, made from “a blend of the choicest milk chocolate and fresh cream to make it rich and smooth.”

Each slice is also made with 1.3 percent alcohol, which won’t make for boozy chocolate desserts, but it’s nice to know that there are even more reasons to completely covet this new product.


You can buy 60 slices for 3,240 yen ($26.66 USD).