Woman Horrified to Learn Homeless Man She Bought a Meal for Was Not Actually Homeless

A British woman was ‘mortified’ after learning that the guy she bought a McDonald’s meal for was actually just a normal guy

Come to think of it, it’s a pretty good strategy: Dress scruffy, sit down in a fast food restaurant, and get free food!

Claire Varin, 33, had the best of intentions when she ordered extra food at her local McDonald’s in Yorkshire, England for what she thought was a homeless man sitting at an adjacent table.She spotted the scruffily-dressed man wearing a backpack eating ketchup directly from the ketchup dispenser, and bought him a meal, telling him, “This is for you”…just as an employee brought over the food he bought with his own money.

Apparently the “homeless man” was just a regular guy with an affinity for ketchup. Needless to say, this Good Samaritan was “mortified” after discovering her mistake.

“To be honest, my imagination ran away with me. Had this poor man been out on the streets all night? Was this the only food he would eat all day?” Varin told The Daily Mail. “God know what he thought. He probably tells people about the time a crazy woman bought him a breakfast for no reason.”


Apparently her friends and family won’t let her live this incident down, and Varin’s husband said he’s going to “follow her around to make sure she doesn’t give out food to random strangers.”