Well, This Is a Literal Depiction of Pork Katsu

These poor pigs are coated in panko—but why?
Pigs as Pork Katsu

These pigs wrapped in batter are made of plastic.

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, and this little piggy ended up as pork katsu. But before you freak out, don’t worry — these pigs are plastic.

These uncanny pig photos, including one in a soup, have been making the rounds on Twitter, leaving some people troubled, reported Rocket News 24.

Turns out these pigs are from Nagao Sample, an online store that makes realistic-looking plastic foods. So that pork katsu pig — and the batter it’s covered in — is fake. Now we can all let out a collective exhale.

Scrolling through Nagao Sample’s Twitter, you’ll find that everything looks very realistic. It’s still unclear why they decided to make the pig food photos, although it looks like they’re also planning to use them for jewelry.

It’s no surprise that these photos originated in Japan — they always come up with the neatest ideas, like those tiny candy hamburgers. Just know that the pigs are plastic!


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