Watch: American Students Try School Lunches From Around the World

American schoolchildren are pretty judgmental, it turns out

‘A bunch of carrots filled with raisins? No thank you.’

American school lunches can look a lot different from school lunches around the world — American kids are used to chicken nuggets, for example, while kids in Finland love hernekeitto, a green pea soup flavored with smoked pork.

But what do kids in the U.S. think about the lunch offerings that their international peers get to enjoy? Cut, a media outlet whose videos include observations of kissing around the world and the popular series 100 Years of Beauty, decided to find out.

In the video below, American kids try sambar and sweet kesari from India, Swedish pancakes from Sweden, curry udon and strawberry milk from Japan, ratatouille from France, githeri from Kenya, pea soup and taro root from Cuba, and a “high-energy biscuit” from Afghanistan.

Each kid starts out pretty skeptical (“I have to? Great, this is the worst day of my life,” says one dramatic participant), but eventually offers some begrudging respect and admiration. “Everywhere in France, it’s really fancy,” one girl says as she considers the baguette and Brie before her.

Watch the full video below: