Video Appears to Show Syrian Refugees Throwing Away Water, Food Distributed By Hungarian Police

In the video, several children can be seen eagerly accepting food and water, while adults either reject or toss the rations

According to one publication, refugees refused the food because it was not certified halal. 

A video uploaded to YouTube from earlier this month shows unrest between a train full of Syrian refugees rejecting water and food that is being distributed by the Hungarian police force.

In the video, a number of individuals can be seen throwing bottles of water onto empty train tracks, and rejecting packages of food — though several children readily accept food from authorities without incident.

According to The Liberal, the food was rejected because “the packaging contained a cross” rather than the halal certification mandated for processed foods that are acceptable for consumption by Muslims. “The packaging was also apparently embossed with the badges of the Hungarian police force.”

Since their arrival, tensions between Hungarian authorities and the migrants — mostly Syrians fleeing the Islamic State — have been strained, with officials initially refusing to allow refugees to board trains to Austria. Hours later, Hungary agreed to provide buses to help the migrants reach the border to Austria.  From there, refugees hope to gain asylum in Germany and nearby countries.

In a statement, António Guterres, the United Nations’ high commissioner for refugees, urged a collaborative effort among European nations to help refugees find new homes. “Europe cannot go on responding to this crisis with a piecemeal or incremental approach, Guterres said. “No country can do it alone, and no country can refuse to do its part.”