Vatican Doctors Tell Pope Francis to ‘Eat Less Pasta, Lose a Little Weight’

Even the leader of the Catholic Church is not immune to the dangers of too many carbs

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Pope Francis is under orders to cut his pasta intake to ‘only a few times a week’

Poor Pope Francis — only a few short weeks ago, the leader of the Catholic Church expressed that his deepest desire was nothing more than to eat a slice of pizza in peace.

A pizzeria owner even tried to oblige him by delivering a personal pie to the Popemobile.

Now, the Pope faces a direct challenge to his dreams of carbo-loading. 

According to Italian newswire Ansa, the 78-year-old has been instructed by Vatican doctors to “eat less pasta, walk more often, and lose a little weight to take some strain off his aching back.” Unfortunately for Francis, his intense schedule and traveling requirements have taken an understandable toll.

For this special patient, doctors’ orders are to eat fewer carbs overall and cut his pasta intake to “only a few times a week.” Perhaps he’ll make an exception for Madonna, who recently told an Italian radio station that she would be eager to meet with the Pope over “a plate of pasta [and] a bottle of good wine.”

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