This Unbelievable Bacon Brisket Bomb Won First Place at the Iowa State Fair

The Ultimate Bacon Brisket Bomb took home top honors in the food contest at the Iowa state fair this week

A blue ribbon-winning bacon brisket bomb is definitely right up our alley.

The ultimate bacon brisket bomb, created by the Rib Shack, features eight ounces of smoked brisket infused with jalapeño cheese and seasonings, wrapped in bacon, and rubbed in a sweet chile barbecue sauce. Has your heart stopped yet? This mouthwatering meaty snack took home the grand prize at the Iowa State Fair this past week, beating out corn in a cup and apple pie on a stick, according to Fox News.

The Iowa State Fair was especially popular this year as 2016 political hopefuls noshed on fried foods and mingled with Iowa constituents. But it’s quite possible that more people were there for the fair foods than the chance to sneak a peek at Hillary Clinton.  We’ll wager a bet that Bernie Sanders (purveyor of Feel the Bern hot sauce) would have gladly munched on a bacon brisket bomb.


The Rib Shack also won last year’s food contest for their smoked brisket mac and cheese, making this the first time ever that a vendor has won two years in a row.