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UK Pizza Hut Fans Can Get a Free Pizza Just by Sharing a Name With an English Oscar Nominee

Participating restaurants are giving away 10 free pizzas for each qualifying customer

This Sunday, U.K. Pizza Hut fans can enjoy a free pizza as they watch Oscars night unfold, so long as they share a first name with a nominee.

But unfortunately for any Leonardos out there, participating Pizza Huts are only limited to British nominees, including: Christian Bale, Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hardy, Mark Rylance, Charlotte Rampling, and Kate Winslet, reports Cosmopolitan UK.

The free pizza can have any toppings but cannot exceed £15 (~$21 USD) in value, and customers must provide photo ID. Participating restaurants include The Strand London, Chelmsford Chelmer Village, Reading Oracle, Swansea Morfa, and Canterbur. Each restaurant only has 10 pizzas to give away, and the promotion runs throughout this weekend, February 27 and 28.

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