Too Messy To Eat? This Burger Is Smothered In Melted Cheese

Outrageous cheeseburgers seem to be all the rage nowadays. Just last week, we told you about Holy Chuck's deep-fried brie burger buns. But one restaurant in London seems to have taken the concept of a cheeseburger and thrown all common sense out the window.

The Burger Cheesebomb at Maxwell's in London is topped with six ounces of beef, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, and smothered in a fondue pot-full of melted cheese.

This all sounds pretty amazing —after all, when have spoonfuls of molten cheese ever been a bad thing? — until you realize that there's no real way to actually eat the darn thing. Not only is it messy, but smothering a burger bun in cheese will only make your burger bun soggy, and shoddy burger bun infrastructure can lead to a seriously unpleasant mealtime.

Pouring melted cheese on top of a burger bun does look amazing on video, so we're assuming most of the hubbub comes from people who can't wait to capture the liquid golden gloriousness cascade onto their social media feeds with a mouthwatering Boomerang video.