These Cake Slices Are Sold Floating Inside Balloons

Dominique Ansel’s latest cool pastry gimmick is selling slices of sponge cake inside magical balloons

This is a pretty impressive concept.

Dominique Ansel, the cronut king, is well-known for his unusual sweets inventions like an edible flaming daisy that brings “he loves me, he loves me not” to sugary life. His latest creations are slices of sponge cake floating inside magic balloons at his new Tokyo bakery location.

While this “zero gravity cake” looks really cool, it all sounds terribly inconvenient. How do you pop the balloon without dropping your slice of cake on the floor? However these are not just ordinary balloons — Ansel has explained that when one of these balloons is popped, it turns into a plastic bag, which becomes a convenient receptacle for the slice of cake.

“That cake is so fun — we tested so many versions,” Ansel said in a statement. “Different-sized balloons to hold different amounts of helium, weighing every cake by the gram to see how big we could get it until it stopped floating. The testing was hilarious.”

Other Tokyo-exclusive delights include roasted tomato hot dog buns shaped like puppies and beautiful rose lychee pull-apart flower cookies.


You can watch a video of the balloon cake in action here.