Syrian Refugee Gives Back to Homeless Germans

One man’s way of thanking the country that took him in
Large Pot of Soup for Homeless

Flickr / Lesley Show / CC BY 4.0

Alex Assali gives back to show “what Syrians are really like.”

A Facebook photo posted by Tabea Bü has brought the inspiring efforts of one man into the spotlight. Since August, Syrian refugee Alex Assali has been stationing himself around different spots in Berlin, cooking and serving food to the homeless once a week, using part of the money he receives from the German government to buy food.

Assali tells CBC News of his intentions to, “show the German people what Syrians are really like,” and to “get more involved in the German community.”

According to CBC News, Assali escaped an ISIS prison in Libya and arrived in Germany in September 2014. A stranger’s kindness in helping him find his temporary residence in Berlin, helping friends at a homeless shelter, and negative comments regarding his refugee status pushed Assali to begin his food initiative.

With the help of his pastor, Assali began reaching out to the less fortunate to help out in any way he could. His operation has grown to six people, whose efforts continue.

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What’s next for Assali? A house he can operate outof in order to continue his efforts of feeding the homeless and hopes of inspiring others to give their time and help those in need.