Surprise! That Weird Burger King Perfume Is a Hit in Japan

Burger King Japan recently released a limited-edition Whopper cologne and it sold out almost immediately

Apparently there are a lot of people in Japan who really want to smell like a fast food burger.

Remember that bizarre promotion Burger King Japan did recently where they announced a Whopper-scented perfume available on April 1? Well, it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke (or, rather, it was, but the scent was actually available). Not only were the meaty perfumes actually sold, but they were an especially big hit! By the end of the day, about half of the Japanese outlets that offered the perfume were sold out, according to SF Gate.

If you were one of the lucky few who were able to secure a Whopper-scented perfume, it cost you 5,000 Yen — about $40 USD — and came with a Whopper (the sandwich version, not the cologne). Descriptions of the unusual cologne noted that it smelled “spicy” or like a “Burger King store.” Burger King originally told customers that they were supposed to identify the perfume as having a “grilled-beef burger smell.”


But a writer for The Verge who bought and reviewed the scent was less than pleased: “It’s something like the burnt-rubber skidmarks left by a box-fresh-MacBook-carrying courier scooter after it crashed into a bacon salt factory.” We wonder which is worse, a Whopper perfume or a Cheetos cologne?