Super Mario Bros.-Themed Pop-Up Bar Brings 8-Bit Excitement to DC

A Super Mario-themed pop-up bar is entertaining Washington, D.C., residents this month with drinks inspired by Nintendo

It’s-a-meeee! Your friendly neighborhood Mario bar!

Your princess may be in another castle, but your Nintendo-themed libations are all right here! A Super Mario Bros.-themed pop-up bar has bloomed right next door to the Cherry Blossom Bar in Washington, D.C.

Complete with adorably kitschy pipes coming out of the walls, decorative bricks, mushrooms hanging from the ceiling and — of course — light-up stars, this bar has every nostalgic millennial within shouting distance exclaiming, “Mamma mia!”

At Cherry Blossom’s Mario Bros. pop-up — which, rumor has it, will only be here until April 15 — you can order the Press Start cocktail made with Japanese whisky, or the spicy King Koopa Cup made with “popcorn” tea, ginger, and lemon. (We think they missed an opportunity to make a Sake Bo-Bomb.)


In addition to sipping these aptly named Mario drinks, eager fans can also participate in Mario Kart duels and take photos of bartenders in costume and of the wild décor, including a King Koopa corner decorated in homage to Mario’s eternal nemesis.