Super Mario Bros. Cafés Have Opened in Japan to Celebrate the Classic Game’s 30th Anniversary

Tower Records Japan is teaming up with Nintendo to celebrate the famous hero plumber’s anniversary with a pop-up café

Dine on the whimsical fare of the Mushroom Kingdom at participating Tower Records in Japan. 

Your princess may be perpetually in another castle, but you’ve come to the right place if you crave Mario-themed snacks. A Super Mario Bros.-themed pop-up café is opening in Japan to celebrate the beloved video game franchise’s 30th anniversary.Participating Tower Records locations in Tokyo (yes, Tower Records still exists overseas) will be celebrating everyone’s favorite eight-bit plumber with a super summer sale and a Mario-themed café to boot. The limited-edition café will be open at select locations for two weeks from June 22 to July 5, according to English-language Asian news site Rocket News 24.

Some of the whimsical, retro Nintendo-themed fare includes an impressively accurate latte art featuring our hero’s familiar visage, a rice omelette in the shape of a yellow super star, and peach-flavored panna cotta with the game’s perpetually kidnapped princess floating on top in toasted marshmallow form. There’s also a question block tiramisu (which should really be filled with chocolate gold coins, in our opinion), Bowser’s taco rice, piranha plant neon-green soda, and the Bowser’s Castle drink, which looks like a creative take on the traditional bloody mary.


If that’s not enough, any time you order a café item, you will receive a free 2.5-dimensional figurine of a classic character: Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Blooper, the Goomba, or Lakitu.