Snickers 'Hungerithm' Drops Prices in Australia When the Internet Is Angry

Feeling hangry? Grab a Snickers
Snickers Hungerithm


Algorithm brings Snickers prices as low as 50 cents.

Snickers takes its “you're not you when you're hungry” tagline to the digital age with a marketing campaign in Australia that brings down the price of Snickers when consumers presumably need it most. Its “Hungerithm” monitors the general sentiment of consumers online and changes the price of Snickers accordingly. The angrier people get, the lower the prices, sometimes as low as 50 cents, according to Creativity Online.

The Hungerithm updates itself more than 140 times a day. To redeem a Snickers at the price determined by the algorithm, click the “Get a Snickers” button on a mobile device in order to get a barcode to be used at a 7-Eleven within the hour. The campaign ends on June 28 or until stocks or barcodes are exhausted.

For those of us not in Australia, there is hope yet. Snickers marketing manager Renee Lewington said, “We're hoping this shows consumers that Snickers is on their side during trying times, and we plan to satisfy even more hungry consumers by rolling the Hungerithm out globally in 2017.”

For an added indulgence, check out our guide to turning a Snickers bar into a shot glass.

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