Sausage-Wielding Neo-Nazi Gang Bombards Vegan Café in Georgia

A gang of supposed Neo-Nazi extremists attacked a vegan café in the country of Georgia by throwing meat

What total wieners, right?

A vegan café in the country of Georgia was forced to cancel an event over the weekend, when supposed Neo-Nazi extremists protested the café by throwing sausages and other meats into patrons’ dishes, according to Fox News. The Kiwi Café in the capital city of Tbilisi was holding a movie screening when the violent “sausage-wielding” gang of a dozen right-wingers began disrupting the event.

The brawl eventually spilled out onto the street, although only minor injuries were reported and the attackers left before police arrived on the scene.

“It all started when they came into the cafe speaking and laughing loudly and didn't care when we asked them to be quiet and not to disturb the people who came to watch the film,” the Kiwi Café said in an English translation of a statement on its Facebook page. “Continuing to act loudly and disturbingly, they pulled out some grilled meat, sausages, fish and started eating them and throwing them at us, and finally they started to smoke…We said that they must leave because this is a vegan café and because it is our place and we don't want them to provoke a conflict with their behavior. Then the fight started on the street.”

The statement later went on to say that local neighbors held a “negative attitude” toward the counterculture café known for accepting all ideologies and walks of life.


Although Georgia is one of the few former Soviet countries that protects their LGBT population legally, homosexual practices and peaceful protests have been met with violence as recently as 2013. However, according to the Lonely Planet and other travel blogs, Georgia is actually a vegan-friendly country with multiple vegetable and potato-heavy dishes.