A Sanrio Character Café Serves a Pastry that Poops and Barfs

This restaurant in Hong Kong is Gudetama-themed and serves sweets that might make you lose your appetite

Don’t be alarmed, it’s just chocolate!

You may have heard about the toilet-themed restaurant in Taiwan or the curry restaurant in Japan that sells poo-flavored curry. The next disgusting dining experience is a pooping pastry.

YATA Gudetama Café by Izumi Curry in Hong Kong has a pop-up restaurant themed around Gudetama, a Sanrio character from the creators of Hello Kitty.

This restaurant has a dim sum menu with a bun shaped like Gudetama, the lazy egg character. But, the pastry can “poop” or “barf,” depending on the flavor you order. If you order a chocolate-filled bun, you are encouraged to poke a hole on Gudetama’s butt and squeeze out the “poop.” Poke a hole in the custard-filled buns to make Gudetama “barf.”

Though it is an atrocious concept, the bun itself is a harmless flavor. In fact, it makes a great dessert. Just be sure to eat it at the end of your meal, or else you might ruin your appetite!