Roller Coaster Restaurant in the Middle East Doesn’t Require Servers


We wonder when the first rollercoaster restaurant will be opening stateside.

How would you like it if in a restaurant, instead of serving your food on a platter from a waiter, launched food at your table from an above network of loops, spirals, and drops? It sounds crazy, but a restaurant in the United Arab Emirates is aiming to be the largest “rollercoaster restaurant” in the world, which uses a complicated network of rollercoaster tracks above the dining room to serve customers’ food, no wait staff required.

The restaurant is called Rogo’s, and it’s located in Yas Mall Abu Dhabi. The place is huge at 14,000 square feet, with 30 individual rollercoaster tracks overhead. The 378-seat restaurant also incorporates handheld digital ordering devices. Once you know what you want (pick from a variety of continental comfort foods, including Tornado Burger, the Upside-Down New York-Style Warm-Baked Cheesecake and the Sticky Date Pudding with Salted Caramel Ice Cream), punch in your order, and your food will come zooming toward your table. Let’s hope you don’t decide to order the soup, or there could be a serious spillage situation.

Rogo’s is hardly the first rollercoaster restaurant in the world. Check out video footage of how the rollercoaster system works in a similar German restaurant.


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