Charity never felt so inclusive before.


In This ‘Robin Hood’ Café the Poor Eat for Free and the Rich Pay for It

The Robin Hood café in Spain is run by a charity organization and allows wealthy people to treat those in need to a meal

In the spirit of Robin Hood’s mantra — “steal from the rich and give to the poor” — a café of the same name has opened in Madrid. Run by the charitable organization Mensajeros de la Paz (Messengers of Peace), the Robin Hood restaurant serves a sit-down meal every night to around 100 homeless people and others who cannot afford to eat.

Their meals are paid for by customers who come in for breakfast and lunch. Those proceeds are then used to fund a free dinner. Paying and non-paying patrons alike of the Robin Hood restaurant are treated equally and are all served by volunteer chefs and waitstaff.

“The inspiration came from Pope Francis, who’s spoken again and again about the importance of giving people dignity, whether it’s through bread or through work," Father Ángel García, who started Mensajeros de la Paz 54 years ago, told the Guardian.

Robin Hood, the latest initiative of the organization, opened last week to rave reviews from its customers:

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“The food here is great and very elegant,” one homeless diner, Ramón Luis, told The Guardian. “I’d give it loads of stars and I’ll be back tomorrow.”