This Restaurant Made a Trump Burger to Celebrate the UK’s National Burger Day

London’s Lucky Chip Burgers created a Donald Trump burger to poke fun at America

Because nothing says America like burgers and Donald Trump.

It’s National Burger Day across the pond, and the Brits are celebrating by coming up with all sorts of fancy burgers for the annual burger street feast in London. Entrants include a Korean pulled pork burger, a chili cheese burger topped with jalapeño poppers, and even a fancy foie gras and truffle burger.Most of the burgers sound appealing, but only one carries the name of an American politician: the Donald Trump Burger from Lucky Chip Burgers.

This all-American patty (with hopefully zero ingredients from Mexico or China) is topped with applewood-smoked bacon, American cheese, onions (arranged like The Donald’s hair), and a "really, really rich" bourbon-vanilla barbecue sauce, according to The Evening Standard.  


The restaurant wasn’t afraid to get a little cheeky. As they put it, even though the burger is cooked medium, “there may be a little blood coming out of it,” and it is topped with pickles “that will leave a sour taste in your mouth.”