Qatar Airways Vice President Publically Shames Flight Attendant for Drunkenness in Email to Staff

In Qatar, the consumption of alcohol is against the law for Muslims, and public drunkenness is considered a legal offense
Qatar Airways Vice President Publically Shames Flight Attendant for Drunkenness in Email to Staff
Facebook/Qatar Airways

Despite an excellent wine program for foreigners, under federal regulation, Qatar Airlines employees cannot drink or be drunk in public.  

A senior flight attendant for Qatar Airways was publically shamed by the airline’s vice president for being visibly drunk and in a “state of incapacity” inside a Qatar Airways staff building. The flight attendant was later retrieved and carried to her apartment by other members of the crew.  

In an email to the rest of the crew, which included a photo of the incident, Qatar Airways vice president Rossen Dimitrov wrote, “I am so shamed and disturbed by this behavior displayed by a tenured member of our team, an adult who has been with the company for over nine years. How can we change rules when we do not behave as mature individuals. I am very disappointed.”

In Qatar, an Islamic country, the consumption of alcohol by Muslims is grounds for corporal punishment. The consumption of alcohol in a public place by anyone is grounds for deportation, fines, or prison time. Restaurants and hotels that wish to sell alcohol to non-Muslims must obtain special licenses. The sole importer and retailer of alcohol in Qatar is the federally operated Qatar Distribution Center, which runs two liquor shops.

In spite of this, however, Qatar Airways is in fact famous for its excellent wine program, which is among the most diverse and carefully curated wine programs of any airline carrier in the world. 

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