Prison Forced to Serve Inmates McDonald’s After Food Contract Falls Through

Inmates at a German prison are getting the fast-food treatment after a food supply contract was not renewed

Eating the Big Mac behind bars.

After a German prison lost its food contract, prisoners are now chowing down on meals from an unusual source: McDonald’s. Police have been ordering burgers from the international fast-food chain for inmates in the small town of Bergisch Gladbach, according to German publication Express.

Instead of getting slop over rice, prisoners are being served unusual fast-food treats: a McToast with cheese, ham and bacon for breakfast; and a burger, cheeseburger, or veggie burger for lunch. Unfortunately, due to budgetary concerns, double cheeseburgers or larger Big Macs are out of the question. (Hey, if you do the crime, you have to do the time, with very little meal choice.)

The facility houses short-term prisoners as well as inmates awaiting sentencing. After a catering business canceled its original contract with the prison, administrators instituted the unusual solution. Inmates place their orders and officers pick them up at the local McDonald’s down the block.


This is a temporary arrangement, police officials told Express, as McDonald’s does not meet state regulations.