Pizza Hut UK Makes Playable DJ Pizza Boxes

Because stuffed crust pizza has already been done

Quantities are limited and will be given away at select U.K. stores. 

This isn’t your ordinary pizza box.

Pizza Hut U.K. has debuted what it deems to be the “world’s first playable DJ pizza box.” A promotional video featuring DJ Vectra demonstrates the capabilities of the box, though, to be honest, it doesn’t look incredibly impressive. Also, the box in the video is noticeably grease-free, but we wonder how the product will work after being covered in pizza grease.

“[Y]ou can scratch, rewind, control pitch, and crossfade,” Engadget detailed, calling the pizza box a “marketing gimmick” to keep sales up despite the chain’s difficulty in staying competitive in the pizza-making industry.

The chain will be giving away a small number of the special pizza boxes, and they will be available at only five of Pizza Hut’s 350 U.K. locations.


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