Pizza Hut Japan Brings Back its Cat-Run Pizzeria in ‘Pizza Cat’ Ad

The first Pizza Cat campaign featured cats Tencho, Hime, Dora, and Detch

Pizza and cat lovers can use Twitter or Instagram to have their pets featured as “Pizza Cat” ambassadors on the company website.

If you love pizza and you love cats, you will certainly love the comeback of Pizza Hut Japan’s version of a cat-run pizza chain.

In 2014, Pizza Hut Japan launched a series of videos featuring clumsy cats running a pizzeria. In the ads, the cats can be seen missing phone calls, sleeping through alarms, playfully mapping out their delivery routes, and struggling with their uniforms.

This year, the fast-food chain is bringing its fake cat-run pizzeria back with its newest furry employee, Shinjin, Grub Street reported.

In the second “Pizza Cat” ad, Shinjin can be seen hopping on a pile of coupons to promote Pizza Hut Japan’s latest offer. The deal includes a 22-percent-off coupon through the company’s mobile app.


If you’re not in Japan, you may not be able to opt in on the Pizza Cat coupon, but you can still enjoy half-off pizza when you order online through Feb. 27 in honor of the Oscars.