Pizza Hut Causes Uproar Over ‘Killer’ Deals on Taiwan Massacre Anniversary

Pizza Hut’s ‘killer deals’ appear to refer to the anniversary of a bloody rebellion in Taiwan in 1947, and people are angry

Tacky and horrifically insensitive, to say the least.

Pizza Hut is in hot water over a controversial advertisement published in Taiwan announcing “killer deals” during a long weekend. The unfortunate wording and timing of the deal actually coincides with the anniversary of what is known as the February 28 Incident, in which — on February 28, 1947 — as many as 50,000 Taiwanese civilians were killed in a bloody rebellion against the tyrannical Republic of China government.

The five-day weekend has been officially designated as 228 Peace Memorial Day since 1955, when the violent incident was finally recognized by the Taiwanese government.


The advertisement in question asks pizza fans if they’re “ready to celebrate 2/28” with some “killer deals.” Pizza Hut has since changed the wording of the pizza advertisement, instead asking customers if they’re “ready for the holiday.” But for many Pizza Hut fans, the ad went too far, and some are calling for a boycott. One Facebook user even wrote on the original Facebook post — which has racked up thousands of comments — “this is like celebrating 9/11 in America.”