Pizza-Flavored Chocolate is Something We Don’t Need, Japan

Tirol chocolate, a popular candy brand in Japan, apparently now sells pizza-flavored white chocolate

Can’t we just stick to delicious flavors? Whatever happened to green tea Kit Kats?

Japan has definitely come up with some kooky snacks (remember the spaghetti popsicles?) but this one takes the gag cake. Thanks to Kotaku for unearthing the weirdness that is pizza-flavored chocolate, released by popular Japanese confectioner, Tirol chocolate. Tirol chocolates are usually white chocolate bars with unusual (and typically delicious) fillings like Sakuramochi (red bean mochi), cookies and cream, and strawberry. But it seems they missed the mark with the pizza-flavored variety: white chocolate filled with orange stuff that may or may not be cheese, and basil bits.

Kotaku wonders in its review of this curious candy, if the flavor was created as a dare or a joke. The pizza chocolate is paired with a similarly-bizarre cheese-flavored chocolate (Angelica from the Rugrats would have a field day with that one). Both candies come in a pack, and began hitting stores in Japan earlier this month. You can check out more unusual candies from around the world here.

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